Sourcing & Processing

Sourcing & Processing

The CREMER ERZKONTOR benefit: sourcing and processing from a single provider.

Sourcing and trading minerals and chemicals has been our business for more than 100 years. As an integrative end-to-end service provider, we now also offer a wide range of services with robust added value. For example, we process raw materials according to your specifications at our mineral grinding plants in Hamm and Wesel (Germany). Our size and the number of plants we operate guarantee security, flexibility and speed – even when it comes to short-term requests.


We handle your raw materials supply from A to Z, as if we were part of your company.


We take care of raw materials sourcing and trading quickly and dependably, thanks to our international business relationships.


We perform processing (washing, drying, breaking, screening, grinding) of raw materials at our own plants or at partner facilities.


We mix to specific formulas to customer order


We pack or re-pack, directly in silo trucks, big bags or paper bags – to your specifications.


We finance your raw materials supply, reducing your risk and increasing your cash flow.

Our grinders in Hamm and Wesel

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Our grinding plant Hamm

Founded in 1961, our mineral grinding plant in Hamm specializes in processing refractory minerals. 180,000 tons of ground raw materials are produced here per year on three primary crushers and seven processing units.

The processed refractory materials are used in the steel industry, in foundries, in the production of foundry supplies and in furnace construction. Other minerals are used in the area of welding technology. Services include storage, processing and packaging as well as cargo and quality assurance, energy management and analyses.

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Our grinding plant Welsch in Wesel

Mineralmahlwerk C. Welsch in Wesel is one of the largest grinding plants in the field of processing refractory minerals, with outstanding expertise in the drying, crushing, grinding and sizing of ores and minerals. The plant has a storage capacity of 20,000 tons for raw materials and 7,000 tons for finished products. The contract manufacturer has a staff of approximately 35 and supplies customers worldwide.

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The world is our home.

Subsidiaries, partner companies and contacts on almost every continent are key pillars in terms of both our business operations and our cultural exchange. But our headquarters are still located in one of German’s historically most important centers of business and commerce: the Hanseatic city of Lübeck.



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