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Sourcing & Processing

Sourcing and trading in minerals and chemicals has motivated us for over 100 years. We’ve decided to extend our passion and capabilities to other services as well. We offer further processing in our mineral grinding plants in Hamm and Wesel, Germany.

Quality & Laboratory Services

Analyses and certifications create the necessary security in the international raw materials trade. For us, a test says more than a thousand words, whether in the source country, the destination port, or a warehouse – (ISO*) inspected and independent.

Recyling & Sustainability

Extracting raw materials from “waste,” analyzing production waste, and searching for ways to use secondary raw materials are our goals. We help avoid waste, find new sources of (secondary) raw materials, and foster the circular economy.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply chains are volatile things that need constant review, renewal, and revision. We go the extra mile to live up to our reputation as a reliable partner.

Consulting & Marketing

We’ve understood one thing – the world of B2B trading is facing a paradigm change. We combine our extensive experience with fresh thinking and the newest technologies, to open up markets, save time and costs, and find alternatives.

Sourcing & Processing

As an integrative end-to-end partner we offer everything from individual services to 360° concepts.


We handle your raw materials supply from A to Z, as if we were part of your company.


We take care of raw materials sourcing and trading quickly and dependably, thanks to our international business relationships.


We perform processing (washing, drying, breaking, screening, grinding) of raw materials at our own or at partner plants.

(Toll-) Mixing

We mix to specific recipes to customer order.

(Re-) Packaging

We pack or re-pack, directly in silo trucks, big bags or paper bags, to your specifications.


We finance your raw materials supply, reducing your risk and increasing your cash flow.

Quality & Laboratory Services

To keep our quality high, we monitor quality and processes, and do sample tests and product analyses in-house and at third-party laboratories.


We monitor loading and unloading worldwide, at ports and in storage facilities, including sampling by our own staff.

Independent Laboratory Service

We analyze raw materials, secondary raw materials, and products in our own or third-party labs (X-ray fluorescence analysis, physical tests, round robin test).


We’ll be glad to assist you in getting quality, REACH, GMP+ or ISO certification.

Recyling & Sustainability

Our recycling activities and active sustainability management offerings will be an integral part of our value creation. We’re expanding our offerings and are looking for customers who share our stated goals.


We recycle pre-sorted waste and return the secondary raw materials to (your) production.


We analyze your waste streams (slag, sludge, lining etc.) and develop secondary raw material concepts for them. Ideally, we can close individual production circles.

Environmental Applications

We source raw materials for environmental applications.

Animal Feed Applications

We source raw materials for animal feed applications.

Supply Chain & Logistics

We take a holistic view of the supply chain and handle all of the logistic, from chartering to loading, domestic further shipment including documentation, to delivery to the customer or warehouse, safely and efficiently.

Supply Chain Management

We handle the control and integration functions within the supply chain in order to increase its efficiency, increasingly using digital solutions.


We ship your raw materials by truck, intermodal road-rail transport, air freight, seagoing or rivergoing vessel, to the destination port, warehouse, or receiving dock.


We offer warehousing (including stock management) of raw materials to enable continuous supply without interruptions.

Just in Time Delivery

Do you lack stocking capacity? We’ll make sure you get on-time delivery of the raw materials you need.

Customs Clearance

We handle customs clearance including the required documentation.

Risk Management

International business is subject to all sorts of risks. We make sure you’re protected to the fullest extent.

3PL / Asset Based Trucking:

We ensure that a truck is ready to pick up your raw materials even on Friday afternoon, no matter how much you need to carry.

Consulting & Marketing

To grow from a service provider to a partner, we need to meet the customer needs of today and tomorrow. That creates added value.

Exclusive Agency Service

We market your new or recycled raw materials globally.


We do market and feasibility analyses for your raw material.


Together with you we develop concepts that enable you to source raw materials yourself, or build a reliable supply chain.