Recycling & Sustainability

Recycling & Sustainability

Our raw materials for your sustainable production processes.

Extracting raw materials from “waste,” analyzing production waste, and searching for ways to use secondary raw materials are our goals. We help avoid waste, find new sources of (secondary) raw materials, and foster the circular economy.

Our recycling activities and active sustainability management offerings are increasingly becoming an integral part of our value creation. We’re expanding our offerings and are looking for customers who share our stated goals.

In doing so, we work in accordance with political legislation such as the Supply Chain Act and are certified with EcoVadis. In addition, together with our Hamburg-based parent company CREMER, we prepare the annual sustainability report in accordance with the CSRD standard.

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We recycle pre-sorted waste and return the secondary raw materials to (your) production.


We analyze your waste streams (slag, sludge, lining etc.) and develop secondary raw material concepts. Ideally, we can close individual production circles.


We source raw materials for environmental applications

Examples of applications

Processing in Hamm and Wesel.

The processing of raw materials and secondary raw materials of various minerals at our own plants and facilities is an important step for CREMER ERZKONTOR towards extended value creation. In Europe, our certified grinding plants make us the market leader in terms of capacity (approx. 180,000 tons) and equipment (15 grinding, crushing, screening, blending, and drying units).

In Hamm and Wesel we are able to store 200,000 tons of products; we can crush blocks of up to 1 meter in edge length, and we can dry, screen, grind, mix and recycle excavated material. We also operate a laboratory for quality assurance and a fully automated bagging line. In this way, we are able to offer our customers all-round peace-of-mind processing. Thanks to the size and versatility of our plants, our customers benefit from reliability, flexibility and speed – even when it comes to short-term requests.

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Recycling in Argentina.

In Argentina, in addition to the usual port activities and the operation of BBVs (break-bulk vessels) including comprehensive port unloading and storage services, CREMER ERZKONTOR offers a full-scale portfolio of available minerals and chemicals for Argentine heavy industry. In addition, we have a processing and recycling plant with a just-in-time storage system, along with capacity for drying, crushing, filling, bagging, palletizing and truck transport.

In order to meet our corporate vision “Beyond Trading” and the sustainability standards that are defined in our strategy, CREMER ERZKONTOR has built up capacity for sorting excavated material and a comprehensive recycling program. Recycled material is fed back into the production of refractory bricks and mixes, while residual waste is used for the construction of buildings or roads, for example, thereby achieving full recycling.

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The world is our home.

Subsidiaries, partner companies and contacts on almost every continent are key pillars in terms of both our business operations and our cultural exchange. But our headquarters are still located in one of German’s historically most important centers of business and commerce: the Hanseatic city of Lübeck.



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