Possehl Erzkontor cooperates with Arcillas Refractarias, S.A. for high-quality calcined Bauxite
12. Mai 2020

On 5th March 2020 Arcillas Refractarias, S.A. (ARCIRESA) and Possehl Erzkontor GmbH & Co. KG have signed a contract for a cooperation in Europe for calcined Bauxite named “Bauxstar90”.

“Bauxstar90” is the highest quality sintered Bauxite, based on very pure raw Bauxite from the Bonasika deposits in Guyana. “Bauxstar90” is calcined in Arciresa’s rotary kiln calcination plant in Northern Spain. With very low iron content and high density “Bauxstar90“ is the perfect solution for the production of the best quality alumina bricks and castables, as well as welding flux and for other applications.

Possehl Erzkontor will be the distributor in Europe for run off kiln material to many markets and buys this bauxite for sizing in its processing plant Mineralmahlwerk C. Welsch GmbH in Wesel. The sized material will be exclusively sold by Possehl Erzkontor to the main markets in Europe.

With “Bauxstar90” there is a new Bauxite source coming on stream, stimulating the European Bauxite market.