„European Business“: Interview with CEO Jan Weber on Possehl Erzkontors diversification strategy
9. Juni 2020

Originally a trader in iron ore, Possehl Erzkontor’s portfolio now includes almost all natural and synthetic industrial raw materials. In the new issue of the international business magazine „European Business“ our CEO Jan Weber speaks about Erzkontor’s current activities, customer loyalty, emerging challenges and he explains why constant diversification is the key to continued success. Jan Weber says: „Today we don’t only trade, we have extended our role in the value chain by producing and processing products too“.

Besides, he also gives insights on his future view of Possehl Erzkontor: “We have an incredibly strong reputation in the market; we have worked with some customers and suppliers for years. I think the trading position will change dramatically in the coming years though, and consequently, our focus is to continue our diversification strategy. Our goal is that by 2025, we will generate more than a third of our turnover through activities other than trading. This will be a huge advantage in securing the long-term success of the company“.

Here you can read the full article (PDF)