Both matter: Do the one, without neglecting the other.

We’ve been raw materials traders for a long time. Now we’re going one step further – Beyond Trading. We’re focusing on value creation, and transforming the company to meet the challenges of the future: digital, sustainable, and successful.

To do this we’re applying clean methodology and realistic objectives. Our vision is to be the team of choice for customers and partners, in everything related to raw materials. No more and no less.



We’re extending our integrative service world all along the value chain. Our goal is end-to-end. Going forward we’ll shine more and more with services “Beyond Trading” and assist customers not just as a service provider, but also as a partner and consultant.


Our capabilities in sourcing, trading, logistics, and marketing are also valuable elsewhere. So we’ll be using them in new markets and for new products. Diversification will enable us to be more independent and at the same time more successful.
Our goal is resilience.


For us it is elementary that sustainability is not just a trend or a project. We want to be the team of choice for our partners and customers in matters of sustainability as well. To do so we will create and implement solutions along the value chain.

The world keeps turning, with or without us.

Merely utilizing and improving existing practices is not enough. We also have to explore, understand, and make use of entirely new things.

We’ll deploy our expertise and market access to rethink business models and value creation.

For this we need – the industry needs – new competence models.


Central node for digital competence driven change in the raw material industry.