The company structure follows our Strategy Road#2024PLUS.

We’re no less international than our markets. For us, that means first and foremost that we have to address multiple target systems.

Our structure gives us clarity within our own organization. This enables us to pursue our strategy globally and act regionally at the operative level.

We rely on a mix of proven elements – such as contact partners, products, and locations – and new things: expertise, business areas, and processes. All with the aim of offering our customers the best solutions.

Our company matrix networks all areas with each other.

Our Structure

Management Team

Nils Fleig

Executive Director

Nicol Tomaschewski

Head of Asia

Roberto Wurst

Executive Director

Michael Fanger

Head of Minerals & Europe


Mareike Zimmer

Head of People & Culture


Ian Fischer

Head of Chemicals

Niklas Lüdemann

Head of North America

Leonardo Deambrosi

Head of Latin America

Tim Krawczyk

Manager Marketing & Communication

Kolja Garber

Head of Supply Chain Management & IT