Possehl Erzkontor opens “European Headquarters” in Düsseldorf
31. May 2021

Lübeck. Possehl Erzkontor continues to move ahead with the implementation of its Strategy Road#2024PLUS. Ellen Steger, Head of Region Europe, and her team are now guiding the European activities of this raw materials specialist from Düsseldorf on the Rhine. In addition to trading per se, these also include the growing market for processing and recycling raw materials. This move gives the company a new point of contact, from which it can serve its European customers and suppliers even better going forward.

“The opening of our new office in the heart of Europe underlines how serious we are about our transformation process,” says Jan Weber, CEO of Possehl Erzkontor. “This location strengthens our market position in Germany and Europe.” The new Possehl Erzkontor office is in the immediate vicinity of Düsseldorf Airport.

In addition to Europe, in recent months Erzkontor has also set up new sales structures with Heads of Regions in North America, South America and Asia. This is part of the trading firm’s new Strategy Road#2024PLUS, which CEO Jan Weber developed together with his management team. Through to 2024 the company intends to verticalize and diversify, in order to become the first point of contact for raw materials for its customers around the world.

About Possehl Erzkontor
The Possehl Erzkontor Group, founded in 1915, has been part of the Peter Cremer holding company since 2012. Erzkontor is active in the international raw materials trade, dealing in minerals and chemicals as well as their processing. Its main sales regions throughout Europe, in North and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and China, are managed with a traditional cosmopolitan Hanseatic attitude. The company has offices across five continents, and coordinates all business from its headquarters in Lübeck, Germany.

The global raw materials trader Possehl Erzkontor has opened an office in the Rhine metropolis of Düsseldorf in close proximity to the airport. Photo: Adobe Stock / engel.ac