Possehl Erzkontor Drives Transformation: Founding of pektogram as a corporate venture in Bielefeld
2. June 2021

Lübeck/Bielefeld 2021. pektogram – this is the name of the corporate venture of the Lübeck-based trading company Possehl Erzkontor. The latest spin-off from Erzkontor is based in Bielefeld (Germany), center of the fast-growing tech and startup ecosystem OWL (Ostwestfalen-Lippe). The goal of the think tank is to provide fresh impetus, design business models and develop industry solutions for Possehl Erzkontor, a medium-sized end-to-end raw materials provider. pektogram is steered by strategy and innovation expert Oliver Noske, who was previously Consultant to the CEO of Possehl Erzkontor, Jan Weber. With his new assignment, he is to drive the topics of digitalization and new business models for the corporate group and partners.

“Already at the beginning of our strategy and transformation process Road#2024PLUS, we realized that we cannot carry out all developments, novelties and innovations within our “own four walls”,” says Jan Weber, CEO of Possehl Erzkontor. Oliver Noske adds, “pektogram is first and foremost a think tank that looks at the future of the industry and the acquisition of necessary skills. Our goal is to become the central node for digital competence driven change in the raw material industry.” The name “pektogram” is a word creation from the first letters of Possehl Erzkontor and the meaning of piktogram – conveying a piece of information through a simplified, easy-to-understand presentation.

Jan Weber has been at the helm of Possehl Erzkontor as CEO since February 2020. He looks back on more than 20 years of experience in the raw materials and logistics industry. “With pektogram, we are taking a modern path of transformative corporate management and want to give ourselves and the entire industry the chance to actively shape the future,” says Weber.

Oliver Noske (29) studied Business Administration and has an MBA in Innovation & Leadership. Over the past ten years, he gained experience in project management, as an innovation manager and corporate strategist. His main topics were dealing with micro-, macro- and megatrends, and anchoring innovation disciplines in corporate strategy as well as assessing and implementing strategic collaborations.

Jasper Steinlechner (25) is responsible for the topics of digital innovations, technology and startup methods. He studied International Business as well as Innovation and Technology Management and dedicated his Master’s thesis to the structures and development of digital units in medium-sized companies. For the past four years, Jasper has worked as a working student in corporate development and as a freelance consultant in the field of digital transformation

About Possehl Erzkontor

The Possehl Erzkontor Group, founded in 1915, has been part of the Peter Cremer holding company since 2012. Erzkontor is active in the international raw materials trade, dealing in minerals and chemicals as well as their processing. Its main sales regions throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and China, are managed with a traditional cosmopolitan Hanseatic approach. The company has offices across five continents, and coordinates all business from its headquarters in Lübeck, Germany.





Jan Weber and Oliver Noske